LOL Together – "Come Together"


Here come ol’ LOLcat
He run out of happy
He can has cheezburger
Look out, you haz a flavr
He’s in ur base killin ur d00dz
Do not want kibble, give me the gushyfuds!

Ceiling Cat watching him
He going to the moon, BRB
He maded you a cookie, but he
Went NOM NOM NOM! He sorry
Longcat is looooooooooong
Everything you do he say ur doin it rong!
LOL Together right now! OMG!

He chargin lazors
He steal lolrus bukkit
He make invisible sandwich
It not so gret aktuly
He say I like Fark, Worth 1000, SomethingAwful
Baby we can Photoshop until we both ROFL
LOL Together right now! OMG

(Chan it up!)

He upgraded your RAM
He see what you did there
He say Today is Caturday
He one holy kitten
He say You know me, I know you
LOL Together right now!

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