Chrono Trigger DS – O fim é apenas o começo


End of Time
Where will you go?
The Day of Lavos, 1999 A.D.
Time’s Eclipse.
Remain here.

Time’s Eclipse
Marle: Ugh…
Ayla: What this place?

Voice: Here, Lavos is no more. This is the future in which we’ve defeated him.

Magus: Whether that is the future of the world from which you’ve come, I do not know.
There are as many worlds as there are potentialities.
Magus: A new foe has arisen here, in this endless expanse that is Time’s Eclipse.
It feasts upon thoughts, dreams, and memories.
Magus: Do not think to meddle here. This enemy is my affair.

Dream Devourer
Magus: Grr…I’ve not finished with you yet.

Marle: Magus!

Magus: I believe I told you…not to interfere! – Attacks Dream Devourer-

Schala: Let all that once was fade into oblivion! I welcome the end of existence.

Magus: No, Schala! Free yourself from its spell! Please…You must open your eyes!

Everyone: Oh no! ~Magus gets blown away by it’s devastating power~

Marle: Isn’t that…Lavos? Why is Schala with it?
Ayla: Ayla no lose!

Schala: Embrace your destruction! It is inevitable!

~~~~With this, the battle commences~~~~
~~~~The Battle ends and they get hit by it’s attack~~~

Magus: No! Schala!
Magus: Urgh!

~Schala awakens~

Magus: Schala?

Schala: It is no doubt but a matter of time before Lavos consumes the whole of my awareness. It was I, after all, who wished it–wished from the depths of my sadness and despair that all that was would be erased.
Schala: The strength you wield now cannot free me. No, perhaps it is better said that no strength can. So long as you learn upon the crutch of power, this world’s sorrow can know no true end. Return to your own time now. Dwell not on this.

~~~She uses a spell and sends Crono and crew back to their time~~~

Magus: Schala…

Schala: Janus…thank you. But I am the girl I was no more. Live, and be strong.

Magus: But, Schala–

Schala: Farewell…

~She opens a portal and Magus is about to fall in~

Magus: Schala!

~The portal closes and Schala closes her eyes…~

~In darkness~
Magus: So, you mean to say that no matter how hard I strive–no matter how strong I grow–there is nothing I might do to save you? What purpose, then, does this existence serve?
Magus: Hmph. If this is to be the way of things, then let me abandon all that was and fade away as well. Should a part of me somehow even then remain, then perhaps that will be the birth of something new–something with greater meaning than all of this.

~~~Magus fades~~~
~~~He appears in a mysterious forest~~~
What is this place?
Who…who am I? What’s happened? I…I don’t remember anything.
There was something…something I needed to do. Something I needed to…to find.
I must find a way to remember. I will.

~~~And with a swoosh of his cape, Magus leaves the forest and the game fades the credits~~~

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Agradecimento a equipe do Espalnds por colocar os cheats embutidos no jogo.

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